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  • Figs

    The best figs the middle east offers. Hand picked and in a quality assured packaging. You will probably not get better figs than this anywhere else. Have a try!

  • Melons

    What can be better than having a tasty watermelon on a hot summer day. They supply you with valuable vitamins and precious water.

  • Organic Cherries

    All of our cherries are grown on trees older than 25 years to make sure the tree has extra experience to creating tasty cherries. You just have to give them a try.

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    Organic Grapes

    We grow all of our organic grapes only on the south side of the hill to make sure they get an extra amount of sun every day. Use them for you next dinner or to create delicious wine!

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    Organic Oranges

    Wonderfull and delicious oranges from the south of Spain. All fruits are handpicked and passed our strict quality regulations to make sure you have the best orange experience of your life...

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